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Our little fur babies

Every weekend our family drives out to "the big city" to get groceries, and run errands- a 4 hour round trip ordeal. Living in our small town, having a child with Celiac, (that requires a gluten-free diet) can be difficult, and extremely expensive…

So we drive to South Dakota weekly for our shopping and errands, and most of the time, we end up staying a night out there.

So last weekend, while we were staying in the “big city” we left our cats set up in our garage, and cracked the garage door... Because they're indoor/outdoor cats, and I wanted the to be able to run around outdoors.

However, I totally forgot to move the Elf On the Shelf. (Sounds silly, but my kids would have been super upset to find the elf in the same spot.) So I asked my best friend, Amanda to come by our house and move the Elf for me. That was the best mistake I ever made!

When my friend came by, as she was about to leave, she felt a prompting to check on our cats...So she did, they looked fine...And as she was about to leave again, she thought to herself, "Why was Ceasar (one of the cats) so muddy?” So she felt prompted to go back in, and check again. Turns out, that the "mud" was actually dried up blood. Ceasar was bleeding non-stop! He kept sneezing blood, there was blood in his urine, and in feces.

So she called me calmly and said "I'm taking Ceasar in, he is bleeding non-stop, so I'm a little worried."

Well, apparently Ceasar had gotten into some rat poison! (When an animal has blood in his feces, they're normally too ill, and very rarely, make it through.)

I remember talking to Amanda over the phone as she prepared me for the worst (I was at the grocery store, 2 hours away) bawling my eyes out. (I was actually trying to hold it together for my kids sake. But I couldn't help it, I loved my little Ceasar!)

We decided to turn to all our friends and family, and asked them to pray.

It was humbling to watch, we were flooded with responses and prayers.

That meant so much to me, it gave me so much hope, just knowing that I had all these people were praying and believing with us.

You see, our family hasn't really had any pets, (other than hermit crabs) we just traveled too much. We had a dog for a year, but he kept sneaking out and killing our neighbor’s chickens, roosters, little lamb (you get the point) and we were forced to give him away.

However, earlier this year, while I was volunteering at an "ADOPT-A-THON" as Mrs Wyoming International..My kids fell in love with these two kittens. Plus they were the only two left when the event ended, I just couldn't resist...

The kittens quickly became our family's babies. They're adored by our kids, so this was truly devastating.

Plus to make matters worse, the vet wanted our other cat, (just to make sure he didn't get into the rat poison). So he had to go in to the vet as well. And both of them had to stay overnight, but we weren't sure Ceasar would even make it through the night.

So my kids were really upset, both their babies weren't home, and they were “sick” or so they thought.

The next morning, I was almost scared to call the Vet and find out..

What a relief to hear the Vet say "He is doing well, no bleeding!" It was a miracle!

I literally cried, happy tears of course. But I thanked the Lord over and over, how amazing to know that He cares about our pets! He cared that Christmas would have been ruined for my kids, He cared THAT much!

Had we not started the whole "Elf On The Shelf" thing this year, had Amanda not listened to the promptings from God, had she not taken them into the Vet right away... Our kitty would have been dead. BUT, the prayers of the righteous availeth much.(James 5:16)

God had grace on us and our sweet Ceasar. 

If you're going through something, just keep trusting and believing. Christmas miracles do happen, my cat is proof of it!

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-



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