New Year's Announcement!

Every New Year, brings new beginnings, new opportunities, new challenges, obstacles, and choices...

When we were called to Wyoming, we had no idea why. No idea that we were being called to the then, suicide capital of the US.

Nonetheless, we chose to trust Him, and within weeks, we were working with the youth, and had the largest youth group in town.

In the beginning, we would receive calls on a daily basis, from youth who were either suicidal, hurting, in need, or facing a serious problem. However, and thankfully, that has changed, and slowed down. Neither one of us can recall the last time we had a "911" from any of our youth. *Insert happy dance*

And now, we feel our mission is complete, and it's time to move on to the next mission. So with that said, we've been praying and seeking God asking, “Where would You like for us to go next?”

For the last few months, we have been working with the Prime minister of Belize's wife, in efforts to put baby boxes in their country. This really instilled in us, a heart for their country, and it's needs. So we felt that maybe Belize was in our future?

We prayed about it, sought wise counsel, and after surrendering our will to WHATEVER God would have for us, (because we didn't really have an answer) we started to move forward with Belize. Knowing that if Belize wasn't for us, God would shut the door, and open something else.

Moving forward with Belize, we found a real estate agent and we started looking for a possible home in Belize. We were really excited for all the opportunities to serve out there, to bring clean water and electricity to the poor areas living without it.

For months we've been working towards this HUGE move, which would consistent of us selling all our furniture, our vehicles, and basically starting over again.

Well nothing going was really working out, and we weren't having any "luck" finding a home. However, we kept moving forward and just trusting God.

Then, out of nowhere, an opportunity arose. Something I wasn't looking for, I didn't apply for it, I didn't send a video, or do anything to deserve it.. Regardless, I was offered to become the co-host of a Christian television show called "God's View." A television show that ministers across the globe, reaching countries like India and Pakistan, making a huge difference in lives.

The craziest part is, it's out of Wyoming, of all places!

In another part of Wyoming, about 4 hours away..It would still consist of us moving, but a much easier move than going to Belize.

Even so, we didn't want to rush into anything. Therefore, we prayed about it and had people praying with us and for us.

We ultimately decided to pursue BOTH... Belize and God's View. Knowing that God would open the doors to one, and shut the doors to the other.

Wouldn't you know it?? God started opening up doors in one direction...

We had been looking for a home in Belize for months, with no avail. And in less than one month, without even trying, we found a home, with everything we needed!

There is no doubt that God blessed our willingness to go wherever, whenever.

He brought this amazing opportunity, along with the perfect home, AND made it effortless!

With that said, I am thrilled to announce that I am the new co-host for the television show called “God’s View!”

My family and I, will be moving at the end of this month, to a new land where God has called us to.

And just like Paul, when you step out on the water.. As long as you keep your eyes fixated on Him, God will make a way, and He will calm the waves.

I'm so grateful for a New Year, filled with new possibilities and new friends. I pray that the Lord bless you and your family as well in this New Year. Happy New Years!

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-



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