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Sex trafficking is uncomfortable subject for many... It's not easy to wrap your mind around the horror of anyone being trafficked and forced into sex slavery, let alone a child!

I lived in Roanoke, T.X. five years ago, minutes away from Denton, T.X. The second rated city in the US for sex trafficking. So I was relieved when we moved to our small town, Newcastle. I thought, certainly THEY don't have sex trafficking! Well, I was wrong! It's happening here too, it's happening everywhere, big cities, and small towns everywhere! There is no escaping it.

We need to step out of our “comfort zone” and start talking about the uncomfortable subjects, subjects that are so often ignored.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes and I, have recently partnered with The Hope Box a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created to provide educational resources and assistance for sex trafficked babies/children, illegally abandoned newborn infants, as well as to pregnant women, new mothers and fathers.

We provide education to communities regarding the issues of abandonment, specified in the area of newborn and infants, but not limited to.

Throughout our development we have come across multiple circumstances and issues as to why these newborns are being abandoned and the outcomes they are facing. There are three specific areas we are currently focusing on: abandoned, discarded, and boarder babies.

Exploitation and trafficking of girls and women are at an all time high across the nation.

We have gone into the streets of our communities where this occurs and spoken to these girls and women, providing resources and assistance of rescue if desired.

Through first account conversations, we have learned that the following circumstances may take place when a girl or woman becomes pregnant:

The mother does not receive proper medical care or attention throughout her pregnancy, or delivery, and they'll typically have a friend aid in delivering the baby wherever they reside. Should her pimp decide he no longer desires for her to be pregnant, he will attempt to perform an abortion on her using whatever means necessary.

Once a baby is delivered; The mother will discard the baby herself or have her friend discard the baby for her. Her pimp will then use her baby as leverage in order to continue her obligation to work for him.

Her pimp will profit from the baby by placing the baby into sexual exploitation and trafficking. This occurrence has aided in the rise of dark web purchasing of newborns for sexual exploitation and for illegal adoption purchases.

These are just a few highlighted situations that occur to these mothers living a forced life in sexual exploitation and trafficking. 

We believe that it takes a community to change a community.

We believe that through better laws, education, resources, and hands on acts of service into our communities we will begin to change the way our communities work within our state regarding these issues of abandonment.

We ultimately want to become the example of excellence to the nation of how to provide and care for abandoned and discarded newborns with a provision of resources and assistance to the families in our communities.

Here are the legal definitions for each of them:

• Abandoned babies are newborn children not medically cleared for hospital discharge, but who are unlikely to leave the hospital in the custody of their biological parents.

• Discarded infants are newborns who have been abandoned in public places, other than hospitals, without care or supervision.

• Boarder Babies are infants who remain at the hospital even though medically ready for discharge. Babies stay in the hospital due to legal complications, questions about the parents’ ability to care for the babies, and a lack of care alternatives.

Our goal is to prevent the abandonments of babies through Safe Haven surrenders, as well as providing complete anonymity through baby boxes for mothers contemplating a Safe Haven law surrender.

And lastly, to find these abandoned, discarded, boarder babies with an approved adoptive family.

We know that through your love, support we CAN do this. However we need you, and your prayers! #chooselove

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-




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