Happy Girls Are The “Prettiest”

The world, media, and society is constantly bombarding young women with images of “perfection” or guidance on how to be “pretty.” Walk down any checkout line at a store and you’ll see atleast 3 magazines telling you how to be “prettier” or “hotter” or “better”. It’s sad but so true. What I seldom see is guidance on how to be happier or live a better life.

If we’re speaking transparently, feeling 100% confident in our body every day is hard to do. However, each morning we have the opportunity to choose joy and choose happiness. We can choose to see the best in ourself and others.

If we want to be “pretty”, let’s choose to be happy and not let outside forces steal our joy.

A hard lesson I’ve had to learn is that people who aren’t happy with themselves will never be happy with you. They will constantly tear you down, be hypercritical, and make it seem as if you will never be good enough. I don’t know about you… but that could not be farther from who I want to be or who I want to surround myself.

A true beauty searches for the best in others and lifts them up. She’s beautiful because she chooses beauty; even when it’s hard. Sometimes our best won’t be good enough for someone else - but that doesn’t mean we aren’t good enough. Don’t let someone else’s bitterness toward life tear you down! Let’s use our beauty to lift them up. They may not see it right away but you are sewing seeds that God can use to bring them closer to Him.

Another challenging time to find happiness is when things don’t go our way or they fall short of our dreams and expectations. We don’t understand and our heart is confused. That’s okay; it’s normal to feel let down. But we have to trust that there is One much greater than us that sees how each piece falls together. He sees the whole picture, and one day we will get to look at it with Him. We have to trust in our Father and find joy that He never once let’s go.

Being happy is a lifestyle; not just an emotion. It’s the constant decision to see the best. Your beauty will radiate to others because you will be different from the norm. You will be unshaken by circumstances because you know your worth, value, and happiness.

I pray that our beauty and happiness is the kind that changes the world; a light that helps others find their own happiness and joy.

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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