No Tear In Vain

Sometimes we look at situations and wonder, “Why - God? Why me?” I’ve had those same thoughts when the hardships come. When life doesn’t go as I planned or when a situation doesn’t work out perfectly it’s very hard to see the good.

I was recently in the car with my family and I said, “You know… mom’s cancer and my eating disorder were probably two of the biggest blessings we’ve received.” Needless to say, I received some very strange looks.

My family would not be what we are today without these two huge health issues. At the time… we couldn’t understand and hope was a bit harder to see. I remember being so defiant one day in treatment and thinking to myself, “Literally nothing good is going to come from this, God! How can you make this beautiful? This is the worst time of my life.” Well, realistically… it was one of the darkest times in my life… but God trades beauty for ashes. Let that sink in!

No tear I ever had was in vain. Whether it was my mom’s cancer or my eating disorder… God knew He was going to make something beautiful from it. Because of our challenges, we are both able to share our story and help others. True Beauty Movement is able to reach even more people because of my lows. It was not glamorous or enjoyable - but it does allow me to play a small role in the story God is writing for True Beauty Movement.

What is your biggest challenge? What has brought your countless tears and sleepless nights? What has brought you to your knees and crying out to God?

Are you using your hardships to change the world? It’s not easy and it can be very scary to speak out… but it is worth it and you are making heavenly investments! For me… if just one girl is able to step out of an eating disorder… is able to see herself in the beautiful and flawless light that God sees her in… then every night… every hard day… every tear was worth it.

I encourage you to search your heart for the way the Lord wants to use your hardship. Pray specifically about your story and how to best use it. Pray that you are a good steward of your blessings, hardship and testimony.

The Lord will use you - are you willing?

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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