Unshakeable Confidence

Where is our confidence coming from? 

Is it from the validation from others when we receive a compliment? Is it from the number on the scale? Is it from the affection someone shows us?

There comes a point when all of the above sources run dry and no longer give us the satisfaction and joy they once did. This is because all of the above are temporary. They will fade away. When this happens, we may find ourselves with deep sorrow and feelings of unworthiness. Our confidence and belief in our value then plummets.

What if we, instead, found our confidence from an everlasting truth?

I firmly believe that when we begin to understand that we were perfectly, fearfully, and wonderfully created… we don’t rely on outside sources to help us understand our value! We know that, no matter what the world says, we are beautiful and worthy of love. In fact, we were worth dying for. Our confidence comes from the Lord. Let that sink in.

The unshakeable confidence we dream of comes from fully grasping the Truth. It comes from dedicated time of self-reflection and soul searching. Confidence cannot be found from comparing ourselves to others and it’s not in a magazine. Confidence in our heart and in the understanding that we are worth more than rubies.

I challenge you to set aside time for yourself and truly see where you are finding your confidence and value. It’s totally okay to find supplements to our confidence growth from compliments, accomplishments, and outside live… but our unshakeable confidence has to come from the truth of how we were created and how deeply we are loved. It’s hard to question your value when you realize how much has already been done for you through our Father. Journal about your thoughts, spend intentional quiet time, and take one step closer to the unshakeable confidence you were created to have.

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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