Girl Time

I adore my husband. I love when we can have date night. It doesn’t need to be anything lavish, just a simple dinner. I also love being able to get together with my girl friends. I think girl time/ friend time is so important. I have been so blessed my entire life with the best group of friends. My lifelong best friend, Shelly, and I have been best friends since 1994! We have experienced so much of our lives together. She honestly knows me better than I know myself and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t or couldn’t tell her. She still lives in South Carolina, but our friendship has not changed at all. She comes out to Texas regularly and we see her all summer when we head back to South Carolina. Justin is my guy, but Shelly is my person. Have ya’ll seen that Grey’s Anatomy episode?

For me, having a group, or even one, girl friend that you can get together with regularly or talk to frequently is a life saver. The ones that are in the same stage of life that I am. The ones that probably didn’t get to shower that morning because your kiddos decided to wake up before the sun did. Being able to share laughs, stories and yes even “complain about the lack of laundry your husband does” with a friend helps to make my week a little more fun. I know that we don’t always have the time to have quality time with our husbands, much less a girl friend, but just as it is important to nurture our marriage I think it’s important to nurture our friendships.

When you arrive at Mrs. International in a little over a week, you will be surrounded with the opportunity to meet an entire new group of girl friends! Seize the moment! See ya’ll soon, girls!

Until the Mission is Complete,



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