Smile. Have you ever had someone, even a stranger, tell you to smile? There were many times growing up where my mom would tell me to smile. I wasn’t necessarily sad or upset about something when she told me to smile, but probably lost in thought or busy just going on about my day. She always said I should smile because my eyes would light up when I did and that I never knew who I was around that was having a bad day. A smile can turn around anyone’s day.

When you arrive in Jacksonville in just a few weeks, I can assure you that you will be all smiles the second you walk into the room for orientation. You will smile throughout orientation, our outing day, and the beginning of our rehearsal time. Then some of you may start to fade. You will be tired, your feet will hurt and you may be annoyed that we have practiced the same thing 200 times. Your smile will quickly turn into a straight line on your face or a frown. I know it will be hard to manage a smile every second of every day, but promise me that you will try.

You will meet so many inspiring woman, many that are still facing struggles. Put on a brave face and smile for them. You will have the time of your life so put on a smile and enjoy it. It will be over before you know it!

Until the Mission is Complete,



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