Skin Regimen

Wrinkles, crow’s feet, under eye bags. Don’t those all just sound delightful? This blog is for the Mrs., although all of you Miss and Teens should start taking care of your skin if you haven’t already. As females, it is undeniable that at some point in our life we will wish we looked younger. Less puffy under our eyes, our skin a little less drab, and our lips a little more plump. We all want that sun kissed glow, but forget being out in the sun because we sure don’t want any more wrinkles. Right?

Unfortunately, the Fountain of Youth didn’t have much effect on my skin when I was able to visit it on our outing day last year in St. Augustine. While it is a beautiful property, I’m almost positive I left there looking the same as I did before I went. There are so many different types of skin regimens out there today. From an all-natural based regimen to regimens that promise to make you look younger in just a few simple steps and in a few weeks. You can spend hundreds, sometimes on just one jar, to just a few dollars for a jar of so and so eye cream.

We would lather it on, bathe in it or swim in it with hopes of waking up looking like our 20 year old self again…. If that’s what the directions told us to do. Truth is, what works for you, might not work for me. And even more importantly, your genetics are different than mine. If you are one of the lucky ones that come from a grandmother that still doesn’t have wrinkles, I envy you.

I haven’t always been the best at skin regimens, but when I turned 30 I promised myself that I would start being better about it. Even if that meant putting some sort of lotion on my face. With that said, I have always been loyal about taking my makeup off every single night. Justin would say that I spend way too much on ‘face stuff’, but I bet he won’t complain when I, hopefully, look 30 when I’m 70!

I have talked to a few different esthetician’s and dermatologists and they all agree that washing, exfoliating, toning and applying a lotion/serum is a good start. The best thing you can do is to do your own research. If you don’t feel like something is working, try something else and use the other on your hands. At the end of the day, if all else fails call Clay and ask for his concealer. Actually, do that anyway because that stuff is amazing!

Until the Mission is Complete,



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