Helpful Reminders

Hi ladies! I can’t wait to see you all so, so soon! I wanted to send out a few helpful reminders to everyone as you prepare to head to Jacksonville. I know everyone’s emotions and stress levels have reached an all time high. I know, because I was there last year. Please know that I am here for you all this year. Anytime you feel as though you need a shoulder to lean on or pray with, come grab me. Also know that I can’t give you advice on what to wear, how to walk, or how to wear your hair. You each have prepared and practiced and the last thing you need to be doing days before a pageant is second guessing yourself. You have this! You don’t need my opinion.

If you mess up, keep going. The judges don’t know the opening number, but what they do know is if someone isn’t smiling and seems to not be having a good time.

Don’t forget your travel sized roller bag to carry stuff across the street to the theater. Bring a cute jacket too that you can wear if you get cold during rehearsals. Pack bandaids, breath mints, easy snacks/fruit and water in case you need it while you are there.

It rains in the summer, a lot, in Jacksonville, bring an umbrella… everywhere and if someone doesn’t have one share yours with them. Look out for yourself, but look out for your fellow contestant, too. People will see your kindness and it will make your heart happier.

If you aren’t using Dunn Studios to do your hair and makeup, remember to apply everything darker for stage. The lights will wash you out big time! I may be from Texas, but bigger hair looks better on stage too, not just in Texas. False eyelashes, in my opinion, are always a good idea during pageant week. It always makes me feel a little more awake, especially when there isn’t much time for sleep.

Water, water, water. All week.

Listen to your chaperones and don’t go anywhere without them knowing. Also DO NOT BE LATE. Ever.

Lastly, be yourself. Smile and have fun! See you soon!

Until the Mission is Complete,



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