Time Management

As teenage titleholders, our lives are very busy. Busy isn’t even the word to adequately describe the chaos that plays a huge role in our lives on a daily basis. Between school, sports practices, game days, studying, ACT practice, and thinking about colleges, majors, and jobs, not to mention holding a title, we have little time to represent our titles well and to keep our face on social media regularly.

Holding the title of Miss Teen International through my Junior year of high school has really taught me how to successfully manage my time by juggling the responsibilities of my extracurricular activities and school work. Despite taking three college classes along with honor courses. Plus, being treasurer of my sorority, Delta Beta Sigma, secretary of the Youth Advisory Council, and a Ronald McDonald House Student Ambassador, I finished out my Junior year with a 4.3 GPA.

Here are a few tips to help manage your time:

1. Sometimes procrastinating is the only way to get things done. With so many deadlines running together it is sometimes easier to finish them closer to the day they are due; However, procrastinating too close to the deadline is NOT a good thing.

2. Stay organized. Keep a binder to separate your different activities and keep the contents divided with labeled dividers. Also keep ONE calendar with everything on your schedule in it. Keeping separate calendars could possibly result in double booking something. I have one small calendar I keep on me at all times, so if anyone asks me about a date, I can easily access it and give them an answer.

3. Do not stress. Just stay calm and think of what you need to do. Creating a to-do list will help your brain not feel so scattered. You have to start somewhere and by checking off the first chore on your list, it’s just one less thing. By the time you scratch off all the chores you will be all done and have plenty of time to relax.

4. Take advantage of free time. During the school year, I was put in three study hall periods after lunch on the days I didn’t have a college class. During that time, I tried to get all of my written homework finished so after school I could run any errands to help my family and use the rest of the night at home to study, cook, or rest.

I hope these tips help you throughout your reign! Good luck with your year and remember…

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible.” – Audrey Hepburn

Jules Fletcher
Miss Teen International 2015


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