Running Into Your Past

A week ago, I was at the airport waiting for my flight to Los Angeles. As I was sitting by my gate, a familiar face came into my view. He was the Dad of one of my classmates from high school. We said hi and went through the normal conversation starters of those who haven’t seen each other in years. He then went on to bring up a previous relationship I had been in. I have not seen or heard of this ex-boyfriend in over 6 years, so I was puzzled as to why his name was being mentioned. I was asked if I was married yet, had children, and how much I had accomplished since graduating from high school. By the end of the conversation, I felt like I was needing to name all of my achievements to gain his approval. Once he left, I wondered if I had done enough, had I used my 10 years since high school graduation wisely, and was I considered a honorable alumni from the private school I graduated from.

It was not even 5 minutes later, that God spoke to me. I looked over to the seat next to me where my Miss International crown was sitting. I remembered why I was going to Los Angeles in the first place…for the different appearances I had spent time getting prepared for. I thought about the 2 degrees I had obtained since graduating from high school. The list went on and on. Most importantly, I thought about how I had not seen this person in a decade, so why was I letting him have influence over my thoughts and accomplishments? 

People from our past may come back in our lives. Whether it is a 15 minute conversation at the airport or to try to find a place in your current life. Do not let them negatively affect who you are and what you have become since you last saw them. Before you are tempted to doubt yourself, remember all that God has done in your life and the hard work you have put into being the person you are now!

Continuing to break the stigma,

Elise Banks
Miss International 2015


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