Visit to the VA

Salute to Veterans week is a nationally recognized series of events that typically occurs the week after Valentine’s Day. I have participated in the past, but this time I was so excited to not only represent the International pageant system as Mrs. International, but to also participate with Elise and Jules. I haven’t seen Elise since early fall and Jules I haven’t been able to see since their coronation ball. I am so glad that all of our schedules were free to make this happen.

Elise came in Friday night to stay the weekend with us. She was greeted by the Algor children at the airport, and their less than stellar looking mama who had just had a long week. Our children were so excited to see her and had to show off every trick they had. Elise performed her hidden talent for them, in all probably, 5,000 times over the course of 2 days. Next time you see her, tell her Farabe’ told you to share it with you.

We met Jules, her gorgeous mom, sweet Mrs. Bernee Thurow and our guides at the Dallas VA bright and early Saturday morning. We visited with every patient in the CLC (nursing home) for hours. We signed autograph cards and posed for pictures with them. Most importantly, we were able to share our gratitude for their service to our country and to us. Hearing the stories that they shared with us touched our hearts and gave us lasting memories for years to come.

I am already looking forward to our next event together. Love you girls! Thanks for coming to Dallas and visiting with our local veterans.

Until the Mission is Complete,



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