Ronald McDonald House - Richmond

The best part of my spring break vacation to Virginia was my philanthropic experiences in Richmond. First I made a stop at the Ronald McDonald House chapter right on Monument Avenue. This is my fifth RMHC chapter to visit, and it is so cool to see how each Ronald McDonald House creates the perfect “home-away-from-home” in their own way. The homes on the famous Monument Avenue are historic and beautiful. The House had such a homey atmosphere, full of love and warmth. There was a story behind each photo of a child and their family, and it was wonderful hearing about each of them.

RMHC of Richmond’s Executive Director, Kerry Blumberg.

During our visit, a little girl named Miracle from Barbados was returning from the hospital. She has a problem with her legs and underwent a surgery to help her out. She originally was told to stay overnight in the hospital, but the surgery only took forty-five minutes and she received good news that she would be able to return to Ronald McDonald House. The staff greeted her as soon as she was rolled through the door. She is a trooper! If you read this, Miracle, you’re awesome!

RMH-Richmond was kind to give me a bag full of goodies. In that bag I received a beanie, a pin for my sash, a cup, and a giant Hershey bar with Liam’s story wrapped around it! Liam was born prematurely and needed therapy to help him learn how to eat by mouth. He lives two hours from Richmond, but Richmond’s doctors are the best for Liam! Liam’s family decided to stay at Ronald McDonald House, their home away from home for 59 nights so Liam could have the therapy he needs!

The House was built in 1913, it was bought for the purpose of becoming a RMHC in 1978, and opened in 1980 for children and their families! Thanks for all you do, RMHC-Richmond!

“Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible.” – Audrey Hepburn

Jules Fletcher
Miss Teen International 2015


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