Our Past Two Years

The past 2 years for our family has been nonstop. On top of the already busy, nonstop life of a family with 3 children 4 and under (at the time 3 kids 2 and under), Justin decided to go back to school to get his MBA. He is our family’s sole provider, so he still had to work to support us. When he was accepted into the executive program at The University of Texas at Austin, I had a mix of emotions. I was happy. I was mad. I was stressed. I was proud of him. I was all over the place. I knew that it was going to be hard on him, but I also knew that it was going to be harder on me. Harder because instead of 5 days with me doing everything for them solo, it was now going to be 7 days because school was on the weekend. I was already tired and now I was getting ready to be even more tired.

Fast forward 2 years, with lots of bickering between one another and lots of me feeling like I was a single mom (this is me being honest, ya’ll), we are packing up the car and headed to Austin to finally watch him walk across the stage to accept his diploma. I am so proud of him! He worked so hard not only for this diploma, but also to make sure I stayed sane. He was tired and he still made sure that I was doing ok. A little side story, last July he needed to go to China for his school trip (part of the requirements). Well, it was during Mrs. International and without hesitation, he emailed the Dean and President of the university to tell them he wouldn’t be able to make it because he needed to be there for me. This year, during the same week as Mrs. International he will be in Romania and Moldova, but will be leaving a day early to hopefully make it back to Jacksonville in time to see me give up my crown. If ya’ll see him, he will probably be dog tired, but tell him how proud his wife is of him.

The truth is, the past 2 years were hard on us. We have both been pulled in opposite directions. I am over the moon that we are getting our weekends back to enjoy as a family. First on the boys list, a family camping trip. In a tent. Ya’ll that might be harder for me than the past 2 years.

Until the Mission is Complete,



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