Crowned With Grace

The fact of the matter is, there is only one crown. There can only be one winner. And I get it, everyone wants to win.

I've won and I've lost, it's all been a part of a learning and growing process. Sure, it would have been great to win every time, but in all honesty, I'm grateful I didn't.

For every loss, there was a gain, a lesson I learned, lives I've touched, and friends I've made. Isn't that, in itself, a win?

What's more important, the win or the reign?

Why the reign, of course.

Because it's not about the win, or the crown. Think of your current crown as a glorified microphone, giving you a voice, a platform. It's what you do with that sparkly “microphone“ that truly matters. What good is a microphone if you don't have something to say?

Whether you're chosen to reign as Mrs, Miss or Miss Teen International, you're already a queen. You've been chosen to reign, you were beautifully and wonderfully made.

A crown doesn't' change who you are, it doesn't magically make all your dreams come true. Don't impune your integrity for some metal and Swarovski crystals. Take your win or loss with grace and elegance. Applaud, smile, be happy for the winner, and congratulate her. If it were you who won, you would appreciate the same grace bestowed upon you. Lead by grace and example, it begins with you!

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-




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