Utilize Your Time

There were many tips and tricks that I will be sharing with you, working up to the pageant.

One of the “tricks” I used was recording my voice on my phone, and listening to it during pageant week. Anything that I thought was important for me to remember, any tips, statistics, my platform statement, any motivational messages that might help me. I recorded myself speaking them, and air would constantly listen to them with some earbuds.

I wanted to fill myself to with positivity and wisdom, instead of fear and insecurity.

For example, during the down times, when I was sitting in the auditorium and watching a group of ladies walk on stage. I would watch them, as I listened to my recorded voice. I clapped after each girl walked, and I would listen anytime someone spoke. (That is super important, or you'll be lost!) I was constantly studying and still able to pay attention. (Because I'm very ADD, and it actually helps me concentrate)

Anytime I was through eating, during 5 minute breaks.. Any opportunity to listen to it, I was listening and filling myself with knowledge and positivity.

Studying was important to me, and repetition is the key when it comes to me (myself, personally) remembering. So I made time for it, and it worked!

When it came time for me to have my interview, or onstage interview, I was ready, and it felt effortless.

I'm your Mrs. International reminding you-




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