Winning Social Media

At any given moment, we can look around and see people glued to their phones. Good, bad, indifferent… it’s just a fact of 2017. Social media has become a way for us to instantly connect to those across the world or next door. It allows us communicate, share, and yes… even creep.

Leading up to Internationals, contestants are always sharing their journey. Even more importantly… judges are watching. One of the main reasons contestants have to turn paperwork in early is so that judges are able to do their research and learn more about the contestants vying for the job. When you walk into interview, judges already know quite a bit about you and have looked into your social media accounts.

With judges just moments away from looking at your profile, take a look at 3 of my top tips for a winning social media account.

~Use The Hashtags

Inside your contestant handbook, you will find a page that has specific hashtags for your age group. I highly suggest using these so judges can easily find your images and account. It also allows you to easily organize and look back at your photos!

~Match Your Brand

The more you can use your platform’s colors and fit the look you are wishing to portray… the easier you are to remember. I am a very conservative person and inspired by the fashions of Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, and Jackie O. I made sure that all images that were posted or promoted fit my overall brand. I also kept the messaging consistent across all my platforms so judges could easily remember me and my mission.


Yes, it is a pageant and a competition… but it is also a beautiful opportunity to make new friends. Real queens fix each other’s crowns. Share a like with your fellow competitors and cheer them on. By connecting before the pageant, you’ll already have a friend when you arrive in Charleston!

Social media is a unique opportunity our generation is privileged and challenged by. Use your accounts to be a light in this world and in the competition!

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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