Resources For Traveling On A Budget

Since becoming Miss International, I’ve realized how much I truly love traveling. I grew up in a family that traveled all the time, but now I see how much that has shaped my desire to see and change the world. I love being able to experience different cultures, change the way people define beauty worldwide, and plant seeds of hope wherever I go.

But if we are being honest… traveling is not inexpensive. Once being crowned, you are given a travel budget that allows you to represent International Pageants in different parts of the world and country. However, if you’re not strategic about it… that budget can go by in the blink of an eye. With a desire to serve as many people as possible and spread True Beauty worldwide… I’ve learned some best practices that allow me to stretch that budget farther than it would normally go.

Today I want to share with you the resources I wish I knew about back in the day that will help save you money as you work to save the world!

There are number of different websites out there to help you save money on hotels, but this is probably my favorite. Once you book 10 nights through the website, you get one free. The prices are typically the lowest I’ve found and I find the website to be very user friendly.

I use Kayak to price out various flights. It shows various different airlines all in one place. Adjusting travel dates and being specific about times allows you to see various options you have. I typically use this just to get an idea of what is out there and then go straight to the specific airline with the price I like to book.

In March, I travelled to London - Paris - and Brussels. When thinking about my trip to this side of the world, I thought it would be best to live like the locals. VRBO allows you to do that! Typically the homes/rooms will have a kitchen (so you’ll save money on food) and allow for a more residential feel. I’ve found that the VRBOs are also, more often than not, less expensive than a hotel in the area


I’m a city girl and I love it. In large cities that you travel to, Uber is a great option! The cars are nicer than cabs and less expensive too! Download the app to your phone and you’ll be on your way. I’ve used this numerous times and even in my hometown when my car is not an option.

I look forward to seeing where your travels take you! With a little work and traveling know-how, you’ll allow your travel budget to take you across the world.

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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