When Traveling Internationally

I love traveling, I love seeing new places, getting to know the culture, eating different foods...However, it can be a pain having to deal with customs, and having to go through security/TSA.

I know many of our queens will have to go through this, just to make it to the Mrs International pageant.

So here are some tips for you, or anyone traveling internationally in the near future:

*If you haven't done so, it's time to get your passport! Passports normally take 2-4 weeks. However, they could take months if you run into complications like back taxes or what not. So give yourself plenty of time to get all your documents in order.

*Call your cell phone providers and plan ahead. You would hate to make a call while roaming and it cost you $100.

We have Verizon and for my husband and I, we pay an extra $10/day for unlimited talk, text and data while we travel internationally. It's well worth it!

*Call your bank, make sure they know you'll be traveling Internationally. You don't want your cards to be suspended because fraud protection flagged it.

*Unless you're traveling to a safe country (like the US, for example) I wouldn't bring any real jewelry. Wear your cubic zirconias ladies!

*Read up about the country and the area you'll be visiting. Get to know the customs. You wouldn't want to accidentally offend someone.

*Look up the weather, and pack and dress appropriately. This is important, if you're like me and you get cold easily.

*These may seem obvious, but just in case... You can not pack any fruit, meat, live animals, or plants with you. Do not bring any chemical agents, chemical or toxic waste, weapons or ammunition.

*Please, do not go out at night alone! Always be in a group, or take someone with you. Your safety should be your number one priority!

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-




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