How To Stand Out In Interview

What sets you apart? The judges will be interviewing 50-70 beautiful and distinguished women from all over the world. How do you stand out amongst the rest? I've put together some advice for you as you prepare for your interview:

1. First and most importantly: Be real, be authentic, be YOU!! If you're trying to fit a “mold” or be who you think, they want you to be, then you've already failed. The best thing to do, is be yourself! Besides, the judges can smell fake a mile away!

2. Don't bore them! Many girls go into the interview thinking “statistics, statistics, statistics!” Well, that's one way to put the judges to sleep. I would give them one or two statistics, at most.

3. Make an emotional connection. Make sure to pull their heartstrings, and connect on an emotional level. I do this by ….

4. Talk in parables. I'm not the greatest speaker BUT I'm a good story teller. Tell your story! Why did you choose your platform? Why is it personal? What is your story, that is what grabs the judges. That is what makes an emotional connection.

5. If you talk with your hands, then talk with your hands. This is a big one for me, I've heard of many coaches telling their apprentice “don't talk with your hands.” I completely disagree. For me, that's what makes me- ME! It shows my personality, I am able to better express my feelings, plus it's raw and real. So if you naturally talk with you hands, then do.

6. “You are the next Mrs International.” Make sure your leave them thinking you're their next queen. I answer at least one question saying “As your Mrs International, I will….” Because I want them to see me as their next queen.

7. Have three main goals. If you were to win, and become queen what are your top three goals? Know it, and have a plan. It's kinda like a presidential campaign, the candidates have to have a plan, as well as a plan of action….And so should you. Make sure you smoothly insert that somewhere during the interview with each judge.

Lastly, have fun! Enjoy your time with the judges. It's important to look comfortable and confident.

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-




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