Be The Queen

Who will Miss International 2017 be?

Can you win?

Are you her?

Before even arriving at the International competition, you have to believe that you can become Miss International. You have to have a plan of action and be able to fully embody what it looks like to represent this impeccable group of young women. You have to know, with full confidence, that you’d be an amazing Miss International.

Competitors often show up thinking that the crown is the end goal or that it is in that glorious crowning moment that magical powers take over you and suddenly you are ready for the job. Let’s be honest, it’s not like that. The crowning moment is amazing… but you have to be ready for the job the moment your flight lands in Charleston, West Virginia. There is no “Miss International 101” Handbook. You have 365 days to make a difference and that’s a beautiful responsibility. You must create the image of Miss International within who you are. If you walk through the doors of Interview with any doubt in your mind about your preparedness or capabilities… judges will see right through it.

Instead of showing up and trying to be the queen…. just be… no trying. Speak like Miss International 2017 would speak. Walk like Miss International 2017 would walk. Dress like like Miss International 2017 would dress. If you were Miss International 2017 right now… what would you be doing?

Walking into Miss International 2016, I was prepared with that mindset. I gave everything I had to prepare for the job and I knew that I had the ability be a great Miss International. I did not let distractions I could not control take away from my laser focus on why I was there. I didn’t just compete for me… I competed for every girl who ever doubted her beauty and worth. It was empowering to know that my mission was bigger than just a crown, my mission is and was to change the world.

With the winning mindset, I created a 12 page plan before I even left for Internationals. I printed it out and kept it on my dresser in my room. Each morning before hair and make-up, I would read it. I thought about my big picture. By staying focused on my purpose - I was able to remain relaxed, determined, and intentional. I was ready for the job.

Are you ready to step into your Queendom? Create your plan, remember your purpose, and be the queen!

I’ll see all you Queens in Charleston, West Virginia!

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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