Your Time To Shine - Fitness Wear

Society has told us that you must be a size 0, over 5’10, gorgeous, and resemble a Barbie when it comes to a pageantry and especially when it comes to the swimsuit competition.

Well first of all, that's not healthy, and secondly there is no “mold” at the International Pageants. (Insert crowd cheering!)

I admire the fact that the International Pageant System is a very conservative pageant. There is no swimsuit, instead it's a fitness attire, that's phenomenal! Our fitness wear competition is designed to showcase the contestants, to show off their confidence, and their physique.

We want women who are heart-healthy, who take care of their health and body. Since the International Pageants has a platform of its own, working alongside the American Heart Association. It is very important for us to find a queen who will be an example of that. We want someone who cares of about their health, and who will be an example of healthy eating and fitness.

Now that doesn't mean we are looking for the skinniest or the most muscular queen….No. We are looking for someone who exudes confidence on stage regardless of her size, shape, height, weight or what she is wearing.

So remember to smile, to enjoy your time on that stage, to be secure in who you are, and to relay that in your walk.

This is a time to show off all your hard work and preparation, so wear that fitness attire with pride.

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-




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