There were so many things that helped me prepare for Mrs International...I've shared many of my tips, and tricks with you.. One of the things that really helped me, was having a vision board.

I created a vision board, I wrote down everything I planned on doing as Mrs International. My goals, my dreams, my desires….I put my vision board in my closet, so every time I saw it, I was reminded to thank God for fulfilling those dreams. Once a day I would sit in there and pray. Then I would take a couple minutes to envision myself accomplishing those things.

Maybe you already do that, you spend all day thinking of your dreams, goals, winning the crown, maybe you think about your concerns, or problems...BUT how much time do we spend investing towards them?

In other words, do you pray about it, as much as you think about it??

I've said this before in another blog...But it's too good not to repeat:

You can't be a full-time "dreamer" put in part-time prayer, and expect the full "paycheck."

Whatever the problem, dream, goal or desire may be....I promise you this, prayer is the key, the missing link.

If you haven't done so already, make a vision board. Write down your dreams, goals and desires. Start praying and believing, watch and see what happens. Who knows, maybe you'll be crowned for such a time as this..

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-




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