Invest In Your Rest

During my pageant week, there were a few things that were of extreme importance to me: staying out of my head, spending time with God, taking time to talk to my family, making lifelong friends, enjoying everyday, eating balanced meals, staying fit, and SLEEP!

Find what works for you!

Maybe it's a sleep mask, a sound machine, melatonin...Find what works for you. For me, it was a blender and a sound machine app.

I traveled with a small blender, and yes...I am serious. That way, instead of having to get up and go grab some breakfast...I was able to sleep in and enjoy a protein shake first thing in the morning. (Cause skipping breakfast shouldn't be an option.) Plus, the protein shakes were a great help in keeping me regular, and energetic. (Because traveling does crazy stuff to your digestive system, and I knew I would need the energy.)

If protein shakes aren't your thing, then I would swing by the store in Charleston and grab some granola bars, fruit or yogurt. (If your room doesn't have one a fridge, I would call the front desk and ask for one, It's free of charge!)

Secondly, take a nap!

I had to bring some good earbuds, turn on my sound machine app (I installed on my phone). I would make the room dark, and take a nap. That was such a stress reliever!

Any extra time you might have, I strongly encourage you to take a nap. It's more important than studying, primping, rolling your hair...Sleep should take precedence.

The point is, you need to invest in your rest!

Whatever it took for me to get more sleep, that's what I did. I wanted to make sure I looked rested and refreshed during the week. And ladies, coffee isn't the answer! I knew that coffee would dehydrate me, so I tried to drink minimal amounts of coffee. The answer is- invest in your rest!

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-




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