Makeup Tips During Pageant Week

When we think of pageant week, we visualize big hair, lots of “pageant makeup,” beautiful outfits, and gorgeous women.

Well, most of that is true.. However, you don't need to be “Pageant Patty” all week long, the big hair and “pageant makeup” is great for prelims and finals, but I don't recommend that for the entire week.

Looks for your pageant weekdays:

Orientation- You want to look glamorous, but be you. (The judges won't be there.) However, you will be meeting all your new International Pageants “family” and taking tons of photos. I wore my hair down with curls, and sported a grey smokey eye with soft pink lips. Last year they had each of us speak, we had random icebreaker questions to answer. (I really enjoyed this, getting to know each of the contestants.)

For outing day- I recommend an updo, or soft flowy hair. You're gonna be having fun, taking lots of photos, shopping, walking. We were in Florida last year, it was super hot and humid so I planned for that weather and chose to wear it all back. Plan ahead, look up the weather and be prepared. Makeup shouldn't be cakey (I personally hate it when girls cake their foundation on.) I say something soft, more of your “everyday look” with an added pop of lip color, and some Dunn and Dunn lashes would be perfect!

For rehearsals- Makeup again, not cakey. Smoky eyes and a soft lip are great fit for these days! Fyi- there will be two rehearsals where the judges sit in. So just be aware, you might want to glam up a bit for those two... They're normally the last two rehearsals.

For interview- Remember, you're gonna be up close and personal with the judges. Sometimes, less is more. So this is NOT the time to cake on foundation or eyeshadow. I prefer a lighter makeup look, you want to look like the same person that's in the photos in front of them. Normally, your headshot photos have more of a natural makeup look, so try to mimic the look and colors. (There is nothing worse than looking like a different person, in-person. )

The Gala- I wanted a “Hollywood Glamour” look, so I went with soft finger waves for my hair. I wore red lips, black liner, soft eye shadows, with big lashes. Loved it!

Onstage- Yes, you need more on-stage! The lights will wash you out, so you’ll need more blush, eyeshadow, powder, and bigger/ fuller lashes. The “All Dunn Up” lashes are perfect for this look! However, you want to make sure the lights are working for you, not against you. Have one of your pageant sisters take a few photos of you during rehearsals to see how you look with the on-stage lights. I realized I couldn't use any dark eye shadows on stage, because if the way the lighting looked with my deep set eyes...It made my eyes look all black. So I had to go all light colors on my eyeshadow, and big Dunn lashes. I wore soft lips until evening gown, but I wanted to glam it up for my evening gown, so I added a pop of color with red lips and loved it.


Remember practice is key! For the next few weeks, practice, practice, practice! Take photos, look at your hair and makeup in the photos, that helped me tremendously. And lastly, remember to be you. If you're trying to fit a mold or a “look” you're not going to feel comfortable in your own skin. You need to be confident, so do what makes you feel most confident.

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-




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