Creating Miss International 2017

There’s no cookie cutter Miss International. There is no mold. You make the mold as the titleholder. Often times people ask me about what our organization is looking for. They ask about what a Miss International looks like, what she wears, what her platform is, etc. The truth is that Miss International changes every year. She doesn’t just have one look or type.

If you look historically at our organization, all the Miss International Queens have been different. We have different interests, looks, hearts, ambitions, and more. I honestly find it wonderful that our organization is like that. It goes to show that anyone can be Miss International. It also makes her more relatable and relevant. Each year the title is growing and getting better. The Miss International 2017 should be better than me and Miss International 2018 should be better than her.

When you think about preparing for Internationals, you have to believe that you can take on the title. You must create the image of Miss International 2017 within who you are. If you’re brunette, then you have to believe that she is a brunette. If your platform is mental illness awareness, then you have to believe that Miss International 2017’s platform is mental illness awareness. You have to believe that you are Miss International 2017 if you want the judges to believe it.

I know it can get stressful and that everyone has their own idea of what Miss International should be like. The truth is that she is within all of us. We all have the ability to be her, we must tap into it. During Internationals week, focus on being the queen and believing that you’re capable of amazing things. Aspire to inspire and have faith that you would make an incredible Miss International 2017.

Make Miss International 2017 who you are and you reach beautiful heights!

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 20176


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