4th of July Parade

If you are a titleholder and you have never been in parade, I urge you to inquire about the next major holiday parade in your area. It is such a fun way to interact with your community and you can almost guarantee there will be little princesses lining the street whose faces will light up when they see you. In the past I have ridden on a fancy convertible and waved, but this Independence Day I walked the parade route… I’m not sure if I would have had it any other way!

The crowds were donning their red, white, and blue, and I was able to talk with and THANK local fire and police departments, area veteran organizations, as branches of active military before starting out on the parade route. One thing I always try to do in my travels is if I see a service man or woman to thank them, they most certainly don’t hear our gratitude enough, and on a day like the 4th of July – they are the stars!

I joined the walking crew of our Erie County Clerk, Chris Jacobs, and walked the route giving high fives, hugs, taking pictures, and throwing the occasional piece of candy. Talk about an up-close and personal experience and I loved EVERY second of it!

Thank you to those who serve and have served to protect the freedoms of the United States.

With local Ladder Co. 6 

Taking a brief stop mid-parade to commemorate the day – love the giant flag in the background!

With Erie County Clerk, Chris Jacobs, and my friend and county veteran outreach coordinator, Thea

Some fun post-parade with Miss Claire!

Seek Happiness,



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