Dos & Don'ts of Pageant Week!

Do Live In The Moment – Yes, it is SO important to keep connected to friends, family, and social media while you are in Jacksonville. HOWEVER, do not let your phone consume you. Take a few photos at your appearances and then PUT IT AWAY so you can truly just enjoy the experience. Wait to post until you have a break or are in transit from one place to another.

Don’t Neglect Your Ears – What pageant girl doesn’t love big earrings. Not just big, HUGE and covered in sparkle! However, I found that after pageant week I had truly neglected my ears and needed an earring detox. I wish I would have been more careful during the week. If you are driving, bring a small bottle of peroxide to clean them daily. If flying, pack some antibacterial wipes.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff – While you will want to look your best every single minute, don’t get hung up if something doesn’t go according to plan. If your “clothing spreadsheet” dictates big flowy curls with a certain outfit and your hair is just not cooperating, throw it up in a donut bun and call it a day. Don’t let it affect your whole day, go with the flow!

Do Create A “Happy Place” – I brought a collection of cards, photos, and gifts that people have given me over the years that inspire me a remind me how blessed I ALREADY am. I displayed them nicely in my hotel room on the table where I got ready every day. It is comforting and helped center me each morning and night.

Don’t Sacrifice Sleep – You will be exhausted at the end of every day. And at the end of the week? Forget about it – you will feel like you need to hibernate for about five days! It is tempting to want to stay up and studying your platform statement or practicing on-stage questions – don’t. If you don’t get adequate sleep it will affect everything. Moral of the story, do your homework beforehand so you don’t need to waste time and energy when you could be recharging your batteries.

Do Have Fun – The experience will be full of happy memories and making lifelong friends. Relax, be yourself, and remember how blessed you are to be in this position. One person in your whole state, region, country was selected to have your title and it is YOU. Revel in that accomplishment and know that the rest is up to God’s plan.

Love this photo that Ms. Paula captured at the Princess Ball. You don’t want to miss opportunities to connect with people because you have your phone glued to your hand!

My “happy place” in my hotel room

Seek Happiness,



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