Shopping in Honor of Karen

A friend invited me to a night of shopping in honor of her friend, Karen, who was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant with her third child. It was aggressive and so began treatments while she was still carrying with her now 15-month old daughter. My friend tells me Karen was that special person who faced life, and all of its challenges, head on. She single-handedly raised 26-thousand dollars over ten days for the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. This night was to honor her fighting spirit.

The event was held in a home with an indoor basketball half-court.

What a perfect place to set up a dozen vendors.

A percentage of the sales go back to support TNBC in honor of Karen. She passed away a few months ago, leaving behind her husband and three young children. My friend told me so many wonderful lessons she has taken from time with Karen. It is not the material items children will remember most, but the memories and experiences you give them. She learned to take those trips NOW. Spend time with your children NOW. Face life with a, “bring it on, I can take it, ” attitude. It is profound how people can leave lasting imprints on us, even after they are gone. It was touching to see how my friend’s community is surrounding Karen’s family with love and support, even when it comes to helping with ponytails and class schedules.

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio


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