Congrats Maggi!

Our new Mrs International has been crowned! Congratulations to Maggi Thorne, Mrs. International 2014! While Amy has left a beautiful legacy, Maggi has some big shoes to fill, but I know she is up for the challenge. Watching a finals pageant is a very emotional experience, whether you are invested or not, something about watching a woman celebrate a year of accomplishment, hard work, advocacy, and often sacrifice - and then, moments later another woman realizes a dream. Very surreal.

I loved watching the pageant with Amy’s husband, John, and our Miss Teen International, Haley, and her mom. We had a great bird’s eye view of all the action! I love hearing the stories of these women and the adversity they’ve overcome and how they plan to help others do the same.

And the gowns, oh the gowns! What pageant girl doesn’t love the evening gown competition? It always warms my heart to see the husbands on stage, beaming with pride at their gorgeous and courageous wives.

While the entire top 5 was incredibly impressive, the Mrs. International title is in great hands with Maggi. I am looking forward to how she chooses to represent the Mrs. International title. But I know she will go above and beyond. Perhaps the sweetest moment was when Maggi was crowned, she grabbed her husband’s hand and took him by her side throughout her first walk. They are clearly such a strong team and that they took this journey together. What a celebration for both!

Congratulations, Maggi – welcome to the family!

Seek Happiness,



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