Barnes & Noble Celeb Reader

Reading is a lifelong skill we all must have. Through my two children, I know learning to read is difficult at times for us all to learn and teach. However, the gift of being able to read about subjects you love, well, that is true joy!

I was invited to visit Barnes & Noble this weekend. I was a celebrity reader today at a Barnes and Noble bookstore. And in a time when everything seems to be electronic, including the books we “read,” I was more than happy to spend the morning surrounded by books. REAL pages and REAL covers!

They asked me to read to children and also invited my children along. Ali was more than thrilled to sit beside me to help. She was also excited to help sign autographs cards, even if they were mine.

Ali was a terrific escort for the event.

Ali was busy signing my autograph cards. “Mom! If I sign autographs, it means I am famous!!’’ Well, not exactly. Ha!

After reading several books to the little ones, we then gathered and spent time coloring.

One of the sweet and very smart readers at Barnes and Noble.

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio 
Your Mrs. International


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