Just Don't Do It!

The dreaded voy boards. It’s a bit like a tragic car accident for some. They just can’t help but slow down and look at the carnage. But those are real people they are checking out. The victims have hurt feelings and hearts are heavy.

And perhaps that is the point. But what does that really accomplish? Don’t WE as women have enough to battle in everyday life? WE need cheerleaders, not pride fighters. I truly believe if we gathered each other’s support and talents, we could create the world we wish it would be…the world it COULD be. Hear me roar!

Overall, it is not a good place to find yourself. It is that slippery slope. So, this is my advice: Just Don’t Do It! I found by staying off them, I didn’t have my day ruined by what anonymous and vicious people wrote. AND I also didn’t have preconceived opinions about others that weren't warranted.

I have warned friends to stay off the boards. A couple of them did not heed the warnings. They let it dictate their experience and become paranoid. They blame it for the outcome. They become neurotic about gossip. And instead of living a life outside of a pageant, they become consumed. Maybe that is why voys are called, “Pageant Crack.”

Anyway, the voy world is NOT real. There are angry people ready to feed off those they have likely never even met. If they know their intended target, then they should take it up in private. And if you let it get to you…they win and you will lose the chance to enjoy this experience, the other women and perhaps a shot at winning. Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is everything right now. SO put on the rose colored glasses and see the big beautiful world. Tell friends you don’t want to hear the good, bad or ugly about others…leave the drama at the door. “Circle your wagons,” as my mom would say. If someone is a Debby Downer, then place them (carefully) on the back burner. Trust me. Don’t babysit Negative Nellies. It will lighten up life for you even in just a few days.

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio 
Your Mrs. International


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