It's All in the Appearance

It’s all in the appearance, or is it?

By now you may notice some ladies seem to have the ability to turn up just about everywhere making countless appearances on behalf of their titles. When do they sleep? How do they maintain a job, school and/or family while showing up at the opening of an envelope? Good question. Some have husbands, family and friends to help should they have children. Others may have a job inside or outside the home that allows flexibility. Still, you may wonder if they even have a life outside of making appearances. Unless you walk in their heels, you will never know. Still, I have heard the conversations before. And this is my take:

Go ahead, make a ton of appearances. It’s a great way to showcase the system. But take a step back and ask yourself how each appearance assists your platform or the system. Make those events count. And believe me those are the ones hardest to find. Riding in a parade is fine, but scoring a story in the news is better. Showing up at an event and doing the step and repeat is fun, but speaking at that event is much better. And an added bonus is others will figure out you have more to offer than a pretty face! It is not who makes the most appearances that matter. And some may venture all over the world and call their travels appearances, but what was done on behalf of their platform? 

In other words, don’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated by what someone else has been up to. My platform, CASA, is highly confidential. You will rarely see me posing with a child who has suffered abuse and neglect for that very reason. Slapping on a crown and banner and snapping a picture is a quick and easy way to “appear,” as if you are doing something. Whip off those heels that are killing your feet and switch out the cocktail dress for some jeans and work gloves. Get some serious work done. Ask how you can be of the most help to the organizations you would like to work with. It may not be glamorous, but it may just help your platform in the most beneficial of ways. And THAT is truly rewarding.

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio 
Your Mrs. International


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