My Year As Miss Teen International

My year as Miss Teen International 2013 has been a whirlwind of adventures and new limits. Looking back, I realize how much my life has changed and how many inconceivable opportunities and honors that I have received. It was tough, but I managed to narrow down my list of highlights to a select four events…

My year started off with one of the greatest honors… I was featured on a mega screen in Times Square! My crowning photo as well as my name and title were shining in big lights above the city streets.

A few months later, I was attending an event for the Alliance For A Healthier Generation as a V.I.P. guest. It was here that I personally met the national staff, an Olympic gold medalist, and… President Bill Clinton!

In the spring, I starred in a national televised public service announcement on behalf of the American Heart Association. The commercial focused on hands only CPR and targeted high school students. Our goal: to pass a law that requires every student to learn hands only CPR before graduation.

The commercial has been used across the nation at events for the A.H.A., in high schools and even on TV in some states.

Lastly, I was just recently offered a job as a National Spokesperson for the American Heart Association. Nothing has been finalized, but I’m excited to get to work and start on this new adventure.

My time as Miss Teen International has been simply incredible. I had the opportunity to make over 50 appearances at events that took place throughout the United States and I was able to be a helping hand in raising thousands of dollars for the American Heart Association, Alliance For A Healthier Generation, Go Red For Women, Special Olympics, American Red Cross, Susan G. Komen For The Cure, Humane Society and so many other amazing organizations.

Nothing can compare to the memories that I have made throughout this year, the people that I have met, the places I’ve visited and the work that I have been able to do.

I hope and pray that the next Miss Teen International will take full advantage of her title and be able to fully experience every moment of the amazing journey that she is about to partake on.

It was an honor to serve as your Miss Teen International 2013 and although my time is coming to an end I’m grateful for every moment I had this year.

All my love,

Haley Pontius 
Miss Teen International 2013


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