The Douglas Center

With The Douglas Center CEO, Rifath Khan and her husband

It's extraordinary what a person can do when someone believes in their abilities and helps them tap into their potential. That is the case for the Douglas Center in Skokie, Illinois. The mission of The Douglas Center is to assist adults living with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities in improving their independent living skills and enrichment of their quality of life

I spent today with some very special new friends of mine. The Douglas Center trains and works with adults who have special needs…or special abilities (as I like to think). I was invited to come for a tour and to meet everyone.

For the past 14 years, the Douglas Center has been a home away from home for many of those who come here. After going through an assessment, each client works on cultivating their specific skills. Some people work on motor skills and language abilities. Others are able to go to work in the building. There are various rooms throughout the 14,000 square-foot space. Every inch of it is filled with love, positivity and possibility. Take a tour and you will understand.

What a blast! We were able to play music and play with a parachute while asking and answering questions.

The Douglas center is contracted for work through the military. Those with higher-level skills are able to sew uniforms for military medics. They also sew those green canvas duffel bags used in the military. The military doesn’t mess around, so each item must be perfect… and they ARE! Way to go!

There was also an arts and crafts room where clients will create both gift cards and jewelry (Art from the Heart Creations) which are sold in some of the hospitals around Illinois. I am hoping to help them find more places to sell such works of art!

If you look closely, you can see the gorgeous hand made blue necklace I was given, which is the perfect color for CASA!

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio 
Your Mrs. International


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