Jacksonville Go Red Luncheon

It is always a pleasure to be back in Jacksonville, Florida. The weather is balmy and breezy. And I just adore cities along the water. This time around I came in for the annual Go Red for Women luncheon and fashion show for the First Coast American Heart Association.

I was able to take in some of the Jacksonville scene the night before. After I was picked up at the airport and checked in to the Omni, I headed to The Landing for dinner and discovered all these people waiting for the Brett Eldredge concert!

There wasn’t an inch to be spared at The Landing.

Early the next morning, I was ready to meet and greet hundreds of Go Red supporters. There were areas to check your blood pressure and learn hands only CPR.

Then we held a couple of breakout health sessions which were mini-conferences for luncheon supporters to learn a bit more about topics such as new advances in health care and patient treatments.

I had the honor of introducing B.J. Cobb from Winn Dixie corporate.

B.J. was a long time pharmacist who is now in charge of helping Winn Dixie make life easier for pharmacy customers. I sound like a commercial!

B.J. detailed their “Refill Sync,” program that allows a customer to start getting all of their meds synced up so they can get refills all at one time. And Winn Dixie is opening new boutique pharmacies for patients who manage less common and long-term diseases such as MS so those customers are able to have access to specific medications not readily available at every pharmacy. Love it!

And then we were invited into this this gorgeous room!

Following the breakout sessions, it was time to walk the runway. I will admit, I tend to feel…odd…walking a runway. Maybe if I were 6’2 or a model, it’d feel normal. The longtime Go Red luncheon emcee happens to be a former colleague of mine from Fox Chicago! Tera Barz and her husband, Mike, both worked at Fox when I was there. They, and their beautiful daughter, now call Jacksonville and the CBS/Fox affiliate home.

Tera did a bang-up job as the emcee! She is the main evening anchor at Action News and Mike is the main morning anchor.

It was great to catch up with everyone after the show. And even better was finding out how phenomenally successful this year’s event was! P.S. Congratulations to Katie Seay who for years has helped organize the First Coast AHA events. She is moving on up to work with the National American Heart Association!

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio
Your Mrs. International


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