Mental "Hang-Ups" in Pageantry

The Miss Teen International Pageant is less than a few weeks away! Leading up to the pageant I’ve been trying to cover every bit of information that could benefit you and help to prepare both physically and mentally.

What I mean by “mentally” is the worries, anxiety or stress that come with competing in a pageant. We all have them at some point or another, and I think we all can agree that they only harm us during the pageant week.

So, here are a few things that I’ve seen girls get all worked up about that actually pose no threat.

First, is the contestant line up and the superstition that it’s bad to be contestant number 1 or that it’s bad to be the last contestant. Well, it’s not. No matter where you’re placed in the line up every contestant has an equal chance of winning the pageant. And to reassure you of this, I was contestant number 5 out of almost 50 contestants… and that also means that in interview I was in the first group- as in- I was contestant number 1 to one of those judges and I was contestant number 2 to another and so on. And if you are at the beginning or end and you still feel a little worried just think of yourself as the grand opening or grand finale!

Next, is the opening number, which for many can feel overwhelming. Either you’re afraid of messing up the routine or maybe it’s because you are just a really bad dancer (like me). But, fear not! It’s okay if you mess up and it’s okay if you’re a little uncoordinated on the dance floor because the judges don’t score you on opening number. While it is true that they will get an impression of you while you’re on stage, it’s your choice whether it’s a good impression or a bad impression. Because it’s not the dancing… it’s your expression and attitude. If you look worried, unhappy or flustered they will be able to see that on your face, but if you truly enjoy yourself and show excitement, joy and laughter then they will look at you and smile with you, even if you didn’t hit every move just right.

Superstitions like these can throw you off during the competition and ultimately hurt you. But, if you don’t let it get to you and give it everything you’re got, you’ll do amazing!

And don’t forget… have fun with it!

Much love,

Haley Pontius 
Miss Teen International 2013


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