Agony of De-feet

I became an organizational freak of nature leading in to Mrs. International. It is perhaps the most organized I had been in my entire life and people around me probably wondered if I was pregnant and nesting. For me, I felt the more organized I was, the less overwhelmed I would risk feeling that week when a million details need to be in place.

I had heard stories about the “agony of de-feet.” There will be aches and pains and for some, maybe even temporary loss of feeling in toes. There will also be those who encounter a blister or two from those blessed high heels. I have learned (the hard way) that once that pesky blister starts, there is little to do at that point, but to protect it. A blister can be like a paper cut; small, but torture!

So I made sure I wore the heels I had planned to wear during the week at International before the week. I test-drove them! I walked around in each pair for 15 minutes minimum at a time to make sure I knew if they were survivable shoes or a pair of killer heels. A few, surprisingly, failed the test, while others were shockingly terrific!

I went overboard and bought blister prevention roll-on, blister pads and tape to wrap around toes to ward off blisters.

This is my emergency kit. It holds fashion tape, a bra converter, a smaller to-go emergency kit, static guard, earring post goop to protect sensitive ears and Lord know what else.

Another helpful tip: as much as heating your feet in a tub sounds like bliss, stop right there! Think, “chill out.” I would get ice and throw it in a tub with cold water. I would plunge my feet in there as the cool will take down some of the swelling. If they feel really poor, then prop your feet on a couple of pillows to elevate overnight. One of the other delegates said she found socks that allow you to add chilled inserts through Brookstone. You may not need all of this stuff, but what if you DO and you don’t have it on-call? This is my helpful hint to help keep your mind on the present instead of your feet!

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio
Your Mrs. International


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